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Gender & Diversity

Supporting researchers with families and promoting gender equality and diversity in research are part of the SFB’s overall mission. It is realized in cooperation with the Unit for Family, Diversity and Equality (UNIFY) at Heidelberg University.  The university offers a wide range of services for families and online tutorials on diversity and gender equality: 

Unit for Family, Diversity and Equality (UNIFY)


Service for families – Childrens’s Centre of Heidelberg University


Online Tutorials:

Gender Bias:

Gender-Inclusive Language:

Heidelberg University is certified by the berufundfamilie Service GmbH as “family-friendly” (Zertifikat Familiengerechte Hochschule) since 2010 and received the TOTAL E-QUALITY Award.

Furthermore, the SFB supports researchers during pregnancy/early motherhood with additional funding for research assistants and work place modifications (e.g., remote work stations) to enable continuation of experimental work. The SFB provides role models for young researchers with four female principal investigators (at different career levels) and a large share of female speakers at all SFB events (workshops, colloquia).  Active mentoring and career support are further provided by the MuT – Mentoring und Training programme (http://www.mut-programm.de/) and the Margarete von Wrangell-Programme of the State of Baden-Württemberg and the Olympia Morata Programme of Heidelberg University.