N-Heteropolyzyklen als Funktionsmaterialien

A01 - Synthesis of N-Heteroacenes and -arenes

Subject Area Organic Molecular Chemistry
Prof. Bunz – OCI, Uni HD

Project Description

In this project we propose synthetic approaches and concepts towards N-heteroacene based materials. We will test the size limit of N-heteroacenes (azanonacenes, azaundecacenes?) that are persistent in solution and the solid state. We will stabilize the larger azaacenes by multiple TIPS-ethynyl groups or cyclic tethering with alkanediyl-chains or oligophenylenes. A second aspect involves polyanions of linear and cyclic oligomers of tetraazapentacenes and their spin states (high spin vs. low spin) and their magnetic properties. Related to this, the synthesis of azaacene-based diradicals and their physical properties are investigated. Configurationally locked, spiro-based N-heteroacene dimers will be prepared. They are investigated for singlet fission in collaboration with the Tegeder and Buckup groups.