N-Heteropolyzyklen als Funktionsmaterialien

A03 - (Aza)indolocarbazoles, Bispyrroloquinolines and π-Extended Naphthyridine Derivates as Organic Materials

Subject Area Organic Molecular Chemistry
Prof. Hashmi – OCI, Uni HD

Project Description

This project aims at the synthesis of new N-heterocycles with extended π-conjugation. It focuses on modular synthetic concepts, allowing fast variations. One focus is the use of bidirectional synthetic strategies as tool towards large π-systems. We already presented the synthesis of π-extended indolocarbazoles, e.g. BenzoBenzoIndoloCarbaZole (BBICZ), BenzoBisPyrroloQuinolines (BBPQ) and π-extended naphtyridine systems as well as derivatives with istosterically replaced nitrogen atoms. Current research molecules are fused aryl pyrazines, which are substituted either with nitrogen or chalcogen moieties, BenzoBisChalcogenoQuinolines (BBCQ) and the synthesis of diazapentalenes via a gold-catalyzed approach. In cooperation with the theory groups the necessary variations of these molecules will be provided to the materials science groups.