N-Heteropolyzyklen als Funktionsmaterialien

A04 - Nonplanar Heterocyclic Electron Acceptor Molecules for Organic Electronics

Subject Area Organic Molecular Chemistry
Prof. Mastalerz – OCI, Uni HD

Project Description

The established motif of triptycene endcapping as crystal engineering synthon will be extended to new fused heteroaromatics as well as investigated for their potential to form charge-transfer crystals. In this respect, aza-derivatives of benzothienobenzothiophene will be synthesized. Furthermore, N-heterocyclic analogues of negatively curved structures, such as the hexabenzoovalene or a monkey saddle PAH will be explored. Last aspect of this project are N-heterocyclic systems with (multi-)radical open-shell character. Structure-property relationships of all new compounds will be theoretically and physically investigated by collaborations within this SFB.