N-Heteropolyzyklen als Funktionsmaterialien

C07 - Bipolar Materials Based on N-heterocycles for Novel Memory Applications

Subject Area Physical Chemistry
Prof. Kemerink – IMSEAM, Uni HD

Project Description

The goal of this project is to explore ferroelectrics based on N-heterocycles as active material in nonvolatile rewritable resistive memories. We will explore planar and near-planar N-heterocycles dressed with dipolar side groups like (thio)amides to obtain order-disorder ferroelectrics with unprecedented functionality, including a ferroelectrically-switchable, rectifying bulk conductivity as illustrated in the figure. In addition, we target 1, 2 and 3 dimensional displacive ferroelectric materials based on stacks of alternating donor and acceptor molecules. Here, the N-heterocycles will act as electron donating moiety and Fx-TCNQ (x = 0,2,4,6) as electron accepting moiety.