N-Heteropolyzyklen als Funktionsmaterialien

C08 - Tuning the aggregation behaviour of N-heteropolycycles

Subject Area Physical Chemistry of Solids and Surfaces, Material Characterisation
Dr. Backes – Universität Kassel

Project Description

This project is focused on investigating novel solid state emitters based on N-heteropolycycles synthesised in research area A. Examples include pyridine-based molecules or spiro-bridged triangulenes that have been reported to show aggregation-induced emission. Comparative studies of the efficiency of aggregtion-induced emission and the viscochromic behaviour will be carried out to identify the most relevant structural motifs. In addition, we aim to isolate aggregates of different shape, morphology and crystallinity by centrifugation techniques to decouple morphochromism and solvatochromism. Different strategies of deposition and film formation will be investigated (e. g. spin and spray coating, assembly at the liquid-liquid interface) to explore in which way the film morphology and microstructure has an impact on the emission behaviour and quantum yield.